Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Getting nasty in Nathrop

This last weekend was the second installment of the Mountain States Cup race series. We had a great weekend of pouring rain good enough to test my rain gear, and sunshine hot enough to make me put on my funny sun ray fighting hat. Yeah, I might have walked around looking like I was ready to rock out on my gardening, but the racing was still SICK.

The two fellas on team Banshee deadbros racing this weekend were Nick Hansch and Curt Clementson, who have both been persuing their talents relentlessly. The courses had both been buffed to perfection by the crew at Mountain States Cup, and the dual slalom had even recieved a drenching of magnesium chloride to ensure fast times. The rain that drove us all out of practice on Friday made the courses run like Interstate 70 on Saturday, hard and fast from gate to finish line.