Monday, October 26, 2009

Ham and Steeze

The Ham and Steeze Jam went down at Post Office on Saturday and it was crazy!  If you’ve never heard of the Post Office jumps, let’s just say it’s one of my favorite places in the world!

The way it was set up was with categories of 13 & Under, 14-18, open, and pro.  It was a contest for all of the classes except pro, with pro being a big jump jam.  The day started out nice and foggy while the contest portion of the event went on.   It was cool to see a couple other riders on Amps out there!  Everyone threw down really hard, which was rad to see.  It was the coolest seeing some of the younger locals trying (and landing!) tricks like 3’s and tailwhips on bigger jumps than they’ve tried before.  Max Kauert got second place in the 14-18 class and won an Amp frame, so he’s psyched!  It’s gonna be cool to see that all built up.  After the rest of the awards were over, the Pro Jam started.  It was sick because it was a big sesh with all the locals, but with a little added pressure of the spectators and media.  Now was the time to throw down!  I felt good on the main set, throwing some tricks like back to back tailwhips, 360 1-foot x-ups, pendulums, a 270 on the big hip, and 1-foot x-ups to no-foot-cans.

I think I had the most fun with some of the trains we did.  Someone would yell out something like “360 train on the ___ line” and everyone who dropped in would have to do at least one 360.  It wasn’t always tricks, there were many good ol’ “Steeze Trains” where everyone would throw down their best style.  For about the last third of the Jam, everyone began seshing the trick jump, throwing everything they had.  It was going off with people throwing superflips, flipwhips, 3-whips, upside-down 3s, double tailwhips, a frontflip, cannonballs, giant transfers, super nothings, 3-flattys, and attempted bike flips.  I started out with the tricks I felt really comfortable with, like flip tables and no-foot-can whips.

I had been thinking of trying a 3-whip at Post for a while, since I recently learned them at the step-up.  With the crowd cheering, Black Sabbath playing, and Guy French killing it on the mic, I figured this was the time!  I ended up seat-landing it a few times, and got pedals on the 4th try!  It’s always sooooo satisfying landing a trick to dirt for the first time, and with a trick like that I couldn’t have been happier (or so I thought)!  I wanted to try some flip-tucks to dirt while I was at it and ended doing a whole bunch!  I went for a double whip as well and seat landed it!  I was sooooo stoked after that, and soon, the Jam began to slow to an end!  Tired and hungry, we all got some bbq and congratulated each other on all the new tricks everyone pulled!  What a day!  And no better way to end it than a nice mellow sun-down sesh back at the jumps with some smooth cruiser runs!  Thankfully not a single person got hurt the whole day!  That was probably the best day at Post Office I’ve had, seeing all of my friends throw down new stuff and landing a few new tricks of my own!  HUGE props go out to Justin Brantley for putting the whole thing on!

Here’s a few clips of me from the Jam!


Here's a cool video my friend Keegan made!

And another from Jordan at Pinkbike!

Anyway, solid day to say the least!  Can’t wait till the next Jam!


-Jack Fogelquist