Thursday, October 8, 2009

Minus 4

I came back to Fernie after Interbike and was not impressed with the temperature. I have not seen single digits on a thermometer since I left Canada in the fall of 2003.  A couple days later it rained in town and I awoke to fresh snow on top of the mountains.IMG_5692 (the view from my brother’s place, we are working on the inside but there is no furnace)

This week the low has been –4 Celsius (25 Fahrenheit) and not only is there snow on the mountains but in the mornings there is snow in town. I have not given up on riding and have been going out every other day.


(there was a little bit of snow this morning, but nothing major)

I have been riding the same trail a couple of days a week. It is perfect for my Wildcard and can be ridden in under an hour. And with the weather changes it is almost like a new trail every time I ride it.

  IMG_5706 (at the top of my climb)

If you are some where warm enjoy it. And if you live some where and the weather is starting to get cold, ride as many days as you can before the snow comes.

Keep riding,


P.S. I love my Wildcard.