Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Autumn is here

About a week and a half ago, I was stoked on the hot, dry days which were just starting to be clipped by the nights drawing in, as England goes from the end of Summer into Autumn (Fall to our Canadian and American friends)

For riding BMX at the local skatepark (which is floodlit) it was awesome riding weather and I enjoyed a run of mountain bike night rides, and BMX park sessions back to back over that week

Since that week (which now seems a lifetime ago), the weather has suddenly turned, with cold, wet and very windy weather showing up to let us know that Autumn has arrived - which I suppose should not be surprising considering its now October!

I was hoping for an "Indian Summer" (a late summer running through Autumn) but who knows...it might go dry next week (global warming??)!

Its still great Mountain Biking weather, I went out night riding tonight and did not have to wear a jacket, as despite the rain and wind, its actually still warm enough to ride in shorts and jersey

Some night lights, a crud catcher and watching out for fallen branches / trees on the trails = still a great ride, I powered my Mythic up some brutual climbs and technical descents in the woodland above my house in NW London ;)

Happy Autumn / Fall trails to everyone!


Rob C
London, England