Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Out of it

On friday morning I am going in to hospital for some more major surgery. I'm going to be opened up like a duffle bag for the second time this year to have all my gut pushed back inside me and have a sort of makeshift lower bowel made out of my large intestine to replace everything from the large intesting down that has was cut out of me in february. So I'm afraid that I am going to be out of contact for at least a couple of weeks while I'm in hospital recovering.

So please direct any questions you have to your local distributors, or if they can't answer, then send messages to Jay. But you should also know that he will be working double time to cover for me again, and is also in the process of moving country right now, so please be patient. We would both really appreciate it if you held off on any non urgent questions for a few weeks til I'm back, so that Jay can focus on getting ready for next production.

I am looking forward to getting this operation behind me, as it will hopefully be the last one I need, so although I am obviously not looking forward to it, I am keen to get it over and done with.

Thanks for your understanding.