Monday, October 26, 2009

I'm back.

Hey Guys,

I'm back from hospital in body at least... think my mind has some catching up to do still as painkillers and drugs have slowed it down.

Operation went pretty well, and recovery was generally good (after the first few days of vomiting... but that is to be expected really). I'm going to have to take it easy for a while just to get my mind back in the game (certianly don't think that designing bikes while at this level of brain activity is a good idea). I'm going to try and catch up with all the e-mails I've been send over the rest of this week, please bear with me. Sitting upright hurts quite a lot right now, so extended periods at my computer are not really an option, but that will improve quickly I'm sure.

What used to be my tummy! (at the bottom of the pic is where I had a wound drain in place, It was a small 5mm diameter tube sucking blood and fluid stuff out from inside me. I figured it was only a couple of inches long, but when they ripped it out of me it was over a foot long and went right deep inside me. the nurse who pulled it out got squirted and covered in blood from the puncture wound for her effort, it was like being stabbed in reverse!)

Just wanted to say thanks for all the kind messages I recieved, they all made a difference! Considering that 10 days ago I was totally disemboweled with my guts on a table next to me, I have to say that I am feeling surprisingly alive!

On a side note... I watched Jack Fogelquists new full length movie 'Locations' earlier on his pinkbike blog. Well worth checking out to see how many cool spots they have in his neck of the woods down in Ca. (you might have to friend him on pinkbike to see, I'm not sure?). Good work Jack!