Thursday, October 15, 2009

This should be pretty cool and Freeride Entertainment are bringing you ’10 Days of Disorder’. Starting Monday October 19th, we will be broadcasting a full New World Disorder film, live on, every day until the release of New World Disorder 10 on October 28th. NWD 10, ‘Dust and Bones’, marks the final chapter in the most storied mountain biking movie franchise in the history of the sport and this is an opportunity to relive the evolution of freeride mountain biking over the last 10 years through the eyes of Freeride Entertainment and the New World Disorder series.

On Monday October 19th, tune into to watch a live stream of the first New World Disorder movie in its entirety, and each day after that we will be airing the next part of the series until showing NWD 9 on October 27th. On the next day we will be shipping NWD10, so order your copy now and be the first to own the final piece of the NWD decalogy.

Schedule on (Airing twice each day - 12:00pm PST and 7pm PST)
NWD1 - Monday, October 19th
NWD2 - Tuesday, October 20th
NWD3 - Wednesday, October 21th
NWD4 - Thursday, October 22th
NWD5 - Friday, October 23th
NWD6 - Saturday, October 24th
NWD7 - Sunday, October 25th
NWD8 - Monday, October 26th
NWD9 - Tuesday, October 27th

Head on over to the Freeride Entertainment store and pre-order your copy of New World Disorder 10 - 'Dust and Bones' now. DVDs should start shipping October 28th, so get your order in now!