Monday, November 1, 2010

Back on the bike

Words and video from Jared Wilson:

Pretty pumped to be back riding again after breaking myself. Got the all clear from the surgeon for 'light riding' and ill be good for the winter in a few weeks time as well. Been really bored, so took the gopro out, check it out if you have a few mins to spare.

Coming back from injury Riding in the fall from jazza wil on Vimeo.



alex said...

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Fakawi said...

Cool video! Filming your own ride is a lot of hassle.. involves a lot of riding back to collect the camera. The final stitched video seems to flow very nicely. Good stuff!

Anonymous said...

thanks. took about 1hr to film and 2 to work out how the editing program worked. 1st try at something like this so thanks for the comment.