Thursday, March 18, 2010

some new AMP goodness...

Anyone that has been following the Banshee / Mythic blog for a while will be familiar with John "Jesus" Holme, who is a big part of the Esher Shore bike park here in Surrey, England, UK

John works for a big chain bike store, but has an eye for quality and has a long relationship with Freeborn Bikes who import Mythic into the UK

John has owned 2 Chaparrals, a Wildcard, currently has a Viento and now has replaced his K*na with a brand spanking new AMP frame in the "long" size

It's a sick build, working in the bike trade has its advantages which includes killer dealer on pimp parts at good prices- witness the Fox 831 fork on the front of his bike!

It's a simple build, running 1 x 9 with E13 / Gamut hybrid chain device, the Fox 831 forks, Stan's ZTR Flow / Pro II wheelset and Stan's no-tubes on a SBC Control Fast Trak and Maxxis Larsen tire set

There is some Shimano SLX, a Saint shifter, XT derailleur and RF Atlas bars with Thomson X4 50mm stem, FSA 45/45 headset and Pivotal saddle / post

John seemed very stoked on the new, long AMP as his previous frame was simply too short - the long AMP fits his lanky size and lets him ride the bike from the middle to get a proper weight balance

We literally built his AMP in about an hour, and he took it straight out onto the new Esher Shore Pump Track - then we had the brainwave of building this wallride so you can gap over 2 pump bumps

MBUK magazine are coming to Esher next week to try out the Pump Track and have a good look at John's AMP and my RAMPANT and see them in their true element!


rob c
Mythic Bikes

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