Saturday, March 6, 2010

Esher Shore Pump Track update

Been a while since I posted on the Banshee Blog - been really busy working hard on the Pump Track at Esher Shore, which is due to open in April 2010

The Pump Track has been generating alot of interest, as its really taken shape since the Christmas vacation, with Dirt Magazine interested in doing a feature on it as soon as it opens!

After a really cold, wet and snowy Winter, its been great to finally enjoy some dry, sunny and relatively warm weather the past week, which has allowed the Pump Track to dry out and proper riding sessions to start

I'd also not ridden my Mythic Rampant properly in months, and after fitting a new Pivotal saddle / post, new bars, bashguard and alloy / titanium bolts and fresh set of Fast Trak tires, it feels really sweet to ride - damn had I missed riding that bike!!

Yesterday we installed the lower section of what will become a quarter-pipe (it will be extended to reach vert at about 8 foot), we are integrating lots of cool timber stunts into the Pump Track including north shore sections, kickers, wallrides and other stunts

Of course, as soon as we had installed the 1/4, it was time to session it, which felt weird being on 26" wheels with a longer wheelbase after riding my BMX on this kind of terrain in the past

It was great fun, and we should be extending the timber upwards next week, when we'll be able to start getting some proper height and doing tiretaps / nosebonks

Here is a link to a short video I shot of me riding the Pump Track on my Rampant, prior to putting in the 1/4 pipe:

more news coming soon!


Rob C
Mythic Bikes


Anonymous said...

Very nice Track you are building up at Esher!
Every Bikepark should have one - hopefully Winterberg will have one in the future.

Greetings from Cologne, Germany

Sean McDermott said...

Awesome work there Rob. Lookin dialed.

Rob C said...

something I would say to anyone contemplating building a "pump track" is to look very carefully at introducing extra elements like timber ramps / stunts and dirt jumps into the pump track

including these more advanced features, makes a massive difference to the riding experience, especially for more skilled riders

I would recommend looking very carefully at the "scale" of what you build ;)

do you NOT need to follow most pump tracks in having small pump bumps in a row, as you can expand the scale of the bumps for 24" and 26" wheels and have a much more 3-D track like we are building at Esher

Keith Scott said...

Looking really good mate!

I'll have to pop down for a pre opening rip around... hell I thought it was already great way back in september, so can't wait to ride it now with all the upgrades.

Good work mate!

rob c said...

you are always MORE than welcome to come and visit and session ANY time Keith man..

we are due a big drop of timber this week, I have all my plans dialled and riders are going to poop once they see what we are putting into the Pump Track perimeter zones...