Saturday, March 6, 2010

Amping it up in Zhong Li

This week has been spent hanging out with Jay and Keith at Jay’s place in Zhong Li. Hanging out with Jay and Keith means spending time around bikes all day long and not having much time to actually ride them because they work so hard. I went out late last night in search of something to ride. It was good to be on my bike, but I did not find much that was worth riding. Well that is not true I rode by a night club and saw … never mind.


I ran into Ryan from Astrix and he told me that there is a skate park not far from Jay’s place. Saturday afternoon Jay and I went in search of the skate park and some decent photographs. The skate park was not so good, but the pictures are. Check them out.


IMG_7458 IMG_7469


IMG_7440 IMG_7477

Keep riding …



Sean McDermott said...

How the hell did you get you and your bike on the parking garage roof? How long have you been living in Taiwan? Must be a cool experience. Great pics as always.

Robert Dunnet said...

i just climbed up on the roof. i am a ninja assassin so it was not that hard for me. i have been living in taiwan since october 2003. it has been a great experience

Devon Balet said...

i want to come hang out with you guys!