Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fakawi Banshee Team podiums in Specialized DH Championship

4th UKDI-Specialized International Downhill Championships, Indonesia.
16-18 October 2009.

FakawiBanshee Team rider Gig from Thailand notched an impressive 2nd place losing to Risa Suseanty of Indonesia in the women's category.

Rizal "Redride" on the other hand managed a 4th place in the Men's Master A category. More pics to come...

gig podiums
Gig in her glory!

Rizal 4th place!
Rizal ..another podium

gig on speed
Gig on her Scythe. [Pic by Meita Glen]

Rizal in the air
Rizal on the Legend mk1, airborne at the rockdrop

Krempl pinning
Krempl, our Deity sponsor, pinning it!
The Claw! That's a 5m high road gap.. "That's the biggest road gap I have done in 3 years" claims the Claw!


Benny Power said...

Way to go guy's, congratulations

Anonymous said...

Krempl's Trek Session 88 appears to be tracking VERY WELL. Awesome bike, hope thge Legend can perform as good.

Anonymous said...

I think the legend will blow away the fragile session. still waiting for the legend guys!!! common hurry with the production line!!