Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mythic AMP

Here at Freeborn Bikes, we are offering two "stock" custom built AMP bikes for the discerning customer

The AMP is available in both the short and long frame sizes, and singlespeed (£1599.99) and 1 x 9 geared (£1799.99) versions

The builds are very trick, with the raw AMP frame, Rockshox Argyle 318 fork, DMR colour finishing kit (Swarm stem, Alloy wingbar, Void saddle, V-8 pedals), Shimano SLX HT2 crank with Middleburn DH chainring, DMR Pro 26" wheelset with SBC Control Fast Trak LK kevlar tires and Lock-on grips, Thomson Elite seatpost, Avid Elixir R hydraulic disc brakes (185mm/160mm) and DMR singlespeed convertor kit

No idea of exact weight, but feels pretty light, and looks sweet

All the DMR kit is available in various colours including red, green, gunmetal, blue and purple so the possibilities are endless....


Rob C


perttime said...

I see that many like to ride jumps, skate parks and street with rigid forks.

I have not spotted any Amps set up that way yet. Any reason not to?

Keith Scott said...

Nope, no reason not to.

rob c said...

if you are going to ride a Mountain Bike with a rigid fork?

get a BMX, it makes so much more sense ;)

I would always argue that a suspension fork is one of the defining features of a Mountain Bike

a good suspension fork makes your bike capable of so much more than just riding skateparks (which actually suck on an MTB if you have ever ridden BMX with any skill), you can go play in the woods building DH tracks and dirt jumps, bomb bike parks and roost the rough terrain

perttime said...

The Amp is not really my kind of bike anyway, as my bikes are mainly in XC/Trails and "local transportation" use. Sometimes I feel that a suspension fork is just a distraction when trying to place my front tyre exactly where I want it to be on the slow but sometimes bumpy trails...
*** I have some trailside pics stashed at (full size available by downloading)