Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kelowna Red Bull trip

Hey its Dustn Greenall here, Well I came to Kelowna to shoot some photos with Red Bull and Casey Groves just to get stoked get some sweet sunset photos and chill on the beach in the 40 degree weather watching Kelowna burn down.

Dustin Greenall

Pretty stoked all in all on getting to ride the new wooden kicker we built thanks to dirty dave at Red Bull for helping us with the wood. But we got some banger shots and i thought i would post some from our little red bull shoot

Casey Groves

Mark Matthews came out to ride after riding Silver Star on the weekend

Dustin Greenall

Casey Groves
Thanks to Stirling Grassick for coming out and chilling like the bro he is and even though he cant ride yet taking photos for us.
Hope you all enjoy

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Jay MacNeil said...

Wow just gorgeous shots... really... they all could be POD's