Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Random Vancouver trip

Went for a random lil trip to vancouver to ride some different jumps for a change. Had a cool photoshoot at Lafarge Dirt Jumps in Port Coquitlam and got some sick shots shown below.

Photos by Bryce Piwek

Downside No foot can

Invert table on the Hip

I kicked this downside whip so hard that my shoe fell off haha

Trying new styles

So this was my third ride on my new Rampant and i have never rode anything like it, The way the bike handles and how fast it is puts me in aww i can not put my rampant into words

Watch for a video on the Rampant coming out soon!!!!!


Robert "Goulet" Dunnet said...

great pictures, nice rampant. makes me want to order one ...

Keith Scott said...

Nice moves Dustin. I totally know what you mean about the rampant... when I first got on the proto, nobody could get me back off it!

I'm lookinf forward to seeing the next vid!

rob c said...

Hey Dustin

glad you are enjoying your Rampant

I've had one since last year, and its the sickest little bike I've ever ridden

I have a seriously hard time choosing between my BMX and Rampant for trick sessions ;)