Sunday, May 17, 2009

Paradox’s first race

It was cool to see the Paradox in action for both DH and XC.3534984739_f9852d104d_o

I know everyone is waiting for it and its just around the corner. We should have them in a few short weeks, plenty of time to get them for the rest of the season.

Anyway here are some pics from the race

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singletracksurfers said...

The wait is bordering on torture! Especially with new pics of the awesome bike being posted!!

Aaron said...

Thank you baby jesus for that smokin hot paint job. Want!

Koji Kabuto said...

Can you tell me if the Paradox will be sold in the UK as well?

Jay MacNeil said...

not sure Koji.
The plan was to make it a north american model only.
but clearly if you want one we'll be sure that you can get your hands on one

MMcG said...

Why the mismatched headset?

FoShizzle said...

Crazy Fred has me stoked on seeing and hearing more about this bike for sure! So whats the ETA? Cheers

Keith Scott said...

The frames are here!

Just ask local dealer to order a frame from our distributor.