Sunday, May 10, 2009

P. Am from Team FakawiBanshee on her Legend

Congratulations to FakawiBanshee rider, Ausanee a.k.a P. Am, for coming in first in the Thailand Nationals (Asian Championship Selection Race) held in Rayong recently.

Representing her district of Chonburi on her Banshee Legend Mk1, her win now puts her in the Thai national team that'll be competing in the 15th Asian Mountain Bike Championship in Malaysia this year.

1st place: P. Am 1:44
2nd place: Satayanam 1:46
3rd place: Thaksaporn aka Gig (<--Jay she lent you her helmet in Philippines) 1:50
P.Am and her Legend!


Jay MacNeil said...

wow... congrats thats very cool.\
So when are the championships?

Fakawi said...

5-8th Nov 2009

prettyboy said...

hello guy now them choose 8 rider gig...and satayanan for go to lao..

mtber said...

Very Cool Indeed.