Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dustin Greenall

Hey, my name is Dustin Greenall from Kimberley B.C. I ride for Banshee Bikes, Straitline Components and Favorit Cycle.

I am 19 years old I travel, film and shoot as much as I can to show people the way I look at mountain biking. I will be giving you updates, photos and videos to show you what I can do and what my eye's have been opened to.

Watch for a web edit that will be coming out this week of Canada's Banshee rider's killing it

Hope you liked the photos and ill be doing updates with web edits and photos as much as I can and I cant wait to hear all your imput.


Robert "Goulet" Dunnet said...

awesome pictures, we grew up in fernie and might spend some time there this summer. you should show us where the good spots are in your area when we are down. can have a taiwan/canada banshee ride

Keith Scott said...

Nice riding Dustin! You should head to the island atsome point and ride with Alan! Team banshee!

perttime said...

That is not really a style of riding (DJ) I am interested in ... but I love the photos. Good job!