Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bring back the Scirocco??

So I keep getting emails like this.
As you know we really listen to you guys and as much as we can we like to make decisions based on what you really want us to do. For me this is as much your bike company as it is ours, so with that read on and let us know what you think

Hi guys!

I think you guys are crazy discontinuing the most awesome HT frame on the market!! :-O Now I'm doomed to sit here wasting precious to-be-bike-riding-time writing enquiries all over the world (from Malaysia to USA) trying to find a Banshee Scirocco in size L, but nothing. @Ebay worldwide:
nothing! Who is going to sell such a frame if once owned!?!
I must admit that I'm really in love with the sexy "team black/white" (I get tears in my eyes any time I look at its picture in the blog..) but given the desperate situation I would be happy to find any frame at all.
And this is kind of sad because I know a Scirocco would fell like a fish in the water having some hard rides e.g. around the "Schwarzwaldklinik"
(Black Forest Clinic) just around the corner.

My last resource is the source. So have you guys any idea of what else I could try? IOW who do I need to bribe? Yes, I'm really desperate! :)

Best regards from Stuttgart, Germany
Raphael van Uffelen

P.D. my love:

So you can email us or just post in the comments but is this a bike that needs to come back?


Anonymous said...

re-release in the "shaved peach" colour so i can get my old bike back please..

perttime said...

Many of us already have a Scirocco, and we are keeping them. Actually, I am upgrading my "opal" this weekend and I heard the main mech at the LBS just did his.

Will it sell? Chameleon, Stiffee, Ridge, etc. are still there. Others are launching various interpretations of "hardcore" or "AM" hardtails. What are the volumes? I don't know. On mtbr, I see heavier guys, or people with BMX background looking for HT trailbikes, or do-it-all bikes.

Me? I already have mine. I will keep an eye on whatever new HT you guys may come up with (bit slacker but not taller, compact, was just admiring a pic that showed the lines of the Legend front triangle...).

Rob Cole said...

I'd like to see (having owned too many hardtails including the Scirocco and Morphine) a "re-imagined" version of the Scirocco with a hydroformed 7005 tubeset and hourglass headtube to dump some unnecessary weight; more slender rear stays to introduce more comfort from a slight degree of vertical compliance, and smaller dropouts, whilst maintaining 2.5" tire clearance, ISCG mounts and some proper strength

basically a slightly burlier Viento with a slacker geometry to suit a bigger fork, but enjoying a lighter weight and slightly longer cockpit than the original Scirocco which felt pretty "chopped out" if I am honest

getting rid of the Easton Rad tubeset and kegger head tube would be an ideal start, those are total overkill and outdated technology

Paolo Zanier said...

Hi guys.
I don't believe,the Scirocco it was remove to the production.
I live in Italy and with this frame i can do any trails (epic ride on the alps or one day to the bike parck).
Plase don't forget this all-raunder bike but renovate it (hydroformed tubeset - seat tube and cable guides for telescopic seatposts).
See you on the trails.

Paolo Zanier

Sorry for my english

Jorge Ruiz de Eguilaz Solanilla said...

I´m also becoming crazy looking for an L Scirocco frame...

No way to find one, not in Spain, neither worldwide.
Do you know where to find one?
Is it over???

Kurt Morrison said...

I agree with making it a little longer and slacker, but not taller.

I remember running my fat Tioga tire in the rear and having it buzz my front derailer cage when in the small ring for short climbs. I guess this could be solved with a shorter derailer cage, or longer seat-stays. However, lengthening the seat-stays would change the handeling, and it's not wise to mess with a good thing. Is there any other way to get around the rear-tire/front-derailler interference?

I've got one of the older frames, without the slightly curved seat-stays for vertical compliance. I imagine the new ones would take the edge off the harsh impacts much better. The old ones didn't have much room in the drop-out area to fit Fun Bolts for King hubs. I had to machine a mm or two off of the outer diam of the bolt. However, the new ones, with curved stays do. So, I would want to keep drop-out clearance in mind for any possible redesigns.

I love my sparkle blue paint!

Keith Scott said...

Thanks for the feedback Kurt. I can fix the FD problem pretty easily, and will do for the next version.

I'm not going to mess too much with the rear of the bike, certainly not geometry wise.


MenacEx750 said...

This bike needs to come back, if only for selfish reasons. I can't seem to find a size small anywhere! Yes, there are various interpretations of "hardcore" or "AM" hardtails out there, but none hold a candle to the Scirocco's perfect combination of strength-to-weight ratio and there's no EBB to deal with.

Kurt said...

If anyone is still looking for one, I saw a frame for sale at Sacred Ride in Nelson BC, for CAD $350. Not sure which size though

Jorge Ruiz de Eguilaz Solanilla said...

I have bought onea frame recently after many time looking at
next week will arrive

Anonymous said...

If you guys do remake it(which you should) you gotta leave it at burley as it was but im sure you can shave some areas down but the bike needs to keep its brute strength characteristic. i couldnt really understand why it was discontinued its like a perfect mountain bike for all day epics or OH sh!t descents.

Stanley said...

I know this is kind of old, but I just saw it. Anyway I would like to see it come back. I have been eyeballing the paradox for a while now, but I don't want a 29er for two reasons. First I would prefer to be able to use all of the components I have on every Mountain bike I own just in case. Second I have ridden quite a few 29ers and I have never found one that I like. They just don't have the same punchy acceleration that 26 inch wheels have. Unfortunately since this was started a while back and I have yet to see or hear anything I am assuming that you decided against bringing it back.