Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Domain Recall

Hey guys... need you to do me a favor. If you have a Banshee and it has a Domain on the front of it please check to see if its a steel steerer and if so look for the serial number. If its one of the affect numbers please give me a holler at info@bansheebikes.com so I can let SRAM know where you are so that it can be replaced. Please don't ride it anymore as it could cause you serious injury.


To follow are a list of the affected serial numbers.

16T80006741 thru 16T80006754

16T80006801 thru 16T80006802

17T80008291 thru 17T80008300

17T80008341 thru 17T80008343


We have taken steps on this end to inform all our distributors and for them to check down to the dealer level but I think this needs to be hit from all angles to make sure no one is left with a potential hazardous fork.
If your friend is riding another bike brand and also has a Domain. Tell him to come here to check his serial number as well. This is not confined to just Banshees but affects all Domains on any brand and model bike. They may also contact me... I will help any customer on any brand with getting in touch with the appropriate person at Sram to deal with this.


Jeff said...

Hey Jay, have you heard any word on what the replacement will be?

I'll be checking the domain on my wildcard when i get home from work this evening.

intosite said...

it nice to know you guys are willing to help non-banshee owners too, irregardless if you all do it or not.. makes me want to own a banshee! cheers!

Jay MacNeil said...

i actually got a email from a Devinci rider right after i posted this and was able to get him sorted.
This is bigger then a brand... its about rider to rider... i'm sure you'd tell your buddy if he was riding a different bike... its just the right thing to do and i'm sure we are not the only ones who will be doing the samething.