Friday, October 31, 2008

Remember kids... DRUGS ARE BAD!

But Hospital staff are good hard working and generally friendly people. I'm stuck in hospital on a steroid drip and being injected with unknowns, and taking pills all week due to the fact that I have been diagnosed (finally after 3 years of suffering) with Ucerative Colitis, and the symptoms are apparently bad enough to merit this.

I'm glad that I finally have had my conditions diagnosed, and that I have a good team of doctors trying to help me. I've been put on immunosuppresants which will hopefully calm everything down and make me feel a bit better by christmas. Hopefully they will work, and although I will be more prone to infection etc, I should get my energy back after all this time, and loose the symptoms (fingers crossed!). If not, then last option really is surgery (removal of entire large intestine), as you can imagine, I'm not so keen on that idea.

I'm just glad that I have internet in my hospital room so that I can keep myself busy. Otherwise I would be going insane!

I would also like to give my best wishes to our good friend Jirka, and especially his son, who is critically ill right now, far worse than me. I'm sure that I can say on behalf of all the Banshee crew out there that we are wishing you well.

Please people, never ever take your health for granted! If you are able, then get out there and make the most of your health and enjoy it. Ride your bikes, explore new places, and do it with a smile on your face!


redride said...

Get well soon keith!!!

Fakawi said...

Hope to see a thumbs up pic posted here soon!
Hang in there!

Sneeck said...

My gosh that suck's Keith. Get well soon!

horst said...

all the best to you!

rob c said...

healing vibes Keith!! hope it all goes well in hospital

you are right about not taking health for granted...I fell off my BMX 2 weeks ago and my left arm still doesn't work

I am so missing get my hands dirty with trail work and being able to ride my bike, or even do up the zipper on my jacket

gotta make the most of being healthy and able

Dror said...

I hope you feel better soon.

Marcel Balog said...

Oh man... that´s not nice to read.

I´m really crossing finger for you Keith... I´m sure you get out of this place very soon with no scars!

Take care man!


Dean said...

Damn Keith, I really hope that you are able to avoid the knife. I hope you know that you have the moral support of great number of people around the world.

Undoubtedly this is has and will be a long hard battle for you. I wish you all the best and pray that you don't have to go under the knife.

All the best,


Nick said...

The good thing is you haven't lost the will to visit the blog! :)

Hopefully you'll be able to see my incoming pics of the legend out of the hospital! :)

Good luck man!

SZWED said...

HI BRO, what can i say , i know good how can You feel in hospital Bro.
I was talking about Ucerative Colitis with my dad he is good doctor, he sad that if You will have good doctors , drugs, and healthy food its not problem for You to be in good shape, or You will have surgery .
Dont worry , think about that like its new challenge for You , that was best advice from You when i was in hard sitiuation . Take care Keith i\m with You

BUG74 said...

From someone who only knows of you through your forum comments, just wishing you all the best! Health is vital, and from my experience in the disability market, it's really all about having a positive mental attitude, which, by the sounds of it, you've got in spades.

Best wishes, and have patience.

Roughrider69 said...

Damn.. I know what your goin through.. I been in the hospital, for this and that the last couple yrs.. Best wishes from here in Hell Paso.. Could not have happened to a nicer person.. Get well soon, some Roughriders may come up next year to ride w/ you and the rest of the Banshee crew ifff yall are not to busy, eh.. Peace amigo..

Keith Scott said...

Thanks for all the kind words guys.

I got out of hospital last night after being in a for a week. All I can say is that i am very grateful that I'm not one of these poor people that has been plaged with health problems all ther lives. I might be for the rest of my life, but at least I had a good 22 years of healthy fun before then.

I'm back home now, but to be honest, i feel about the same as I did when i went in. Might be going on some pretty powerful immunosuppresant drugs next week, need to weigh up options. they have about 40% chance of working, but there is also risk of cancer, multiple sclorosis and death... so yeah, time to work out if its worth the risk. i think I should be ok, and is worth a shot before surgery.

Ah well hopsital wasn't a complete waste of time, I had LOADS of tests carried out on me, so at least the dcs know more about whats going on inside me which will hopefully make a difference.

I have to say tho... its good to be home!

Karupshun said...

Good to hear you're home Keith.

Get well soon!

szwed said...

Keith my email is please send me Your email there

poisonfrog said...

all the best Keith and I hope you get better really soon!

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