Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Legend at 380k cycles

Update 2:
So the test has been down for a bit as i've been busy and haven't had time to pull it out of the machine. Today I got to it and here are the results:
1 mashed finger - i tore it open trying to torque out a axle bolt
1 stripped axle bolt
8 bushings in pretty decent shape and keeping their tolerances
1 NO flexy frame
2 Aluminum axles that again look almost brand new
1 Stainless steel main pivot axle that almost looks like new
1 Al axle i have no idea what it looks like cause i can't get it off right now.

So I got alot of questions about the dust on the bolts. Here's a video of whats happening.
Basically the Inside Diameter ID of the Pin is much larger then the OD of the bolt thus its able to slide back and forth and the movement is acting to file down the ID of the pin making the dust.
If i was not such a hack i would have pressed out the bushings and put in ones that fit properly, but since i am a hack thats why there is that movement. Its also the source of the clicking in the video and all the pivots are running smooth and silent... I suppose on the next 300K i'll change out the pin so you can see how quite it can run.

Rest assured that when you get the shock and frame the fit will be proper... This is not a frame specific thing... any frame with suspension could have this issue if you use the wrong fitting spacers/pins so let this be an example to demonstrate the purpose of using proper fitting stuff.

Ok so the leverage over the shock is very little and the coil we have 400# is for a guy 220+ lbs so its getting worked. At 390K cycles i went downstairs to check it and this is what i found:
Looks like we toasti-ode a 12.9 Gr shock bolt. I'll check the pivots now since i have to change pins and a bolt