Monday, October 13, 2008

Roughriders of the South Shore

Howdy yall !! Hell Paso Texas, Las Cruces and Ruidoso, Nm , Roughriders ,representing , , are proud to ride Banshee.. We have 5 screams in our crew.. They ride awesome.. Some say heavy, I say Big mountain bike.. They pedal better than any other bike .. The Banshee crew is a cool group of guys.. They hooked us up down here on the south shore(north shore of the Rio Grande).. I will represent for life.. We finally got a shop to carry the Banshee line-up.. I am so excited to promote Banshee.. I have had a few racers from around the area ask me about the Legend, I told them they better get on the ball and order one when they are ready !!Thank you to the Banshee crew, Roughriders will be with'em forever.. I am trying to get the rest of our crew on Banshee's as well.. Soon.. Banshee Roughriders will rule the world !!