Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Legend

Ok well I've started to build my bike up...
I haven't got all the parts that i truly want to make my dream bike as they're not available yet.
Such as...
Manitou Dorado, the Cook bros Opium wheelsets and the Double Barrel is still on its way, but...
I still want to ride the the thing and I'm happy with the Alex wheels and Boxxer fork... Basically I want the final build to be around 10K MSRP and under 36lbs but still be a full on DH race spec'd bike.
Jason from Sicklines as well is challenging me as his builds gonna be pretty sweet too.

Final parts will be Formula Ones, Gamut P40, WTB Dissents, WTB silvarado saddle, and haven't decided on drivetrain yet.

The pics are to show you what the final red will look like