Sunday, October 12, 2008

Esher Shore in Mail on Sunday

photo from "The Mail on Sunday" October 12 2008
Copyright and picture courtesy of Associated Newspapers Ltd.

Today's "The Mail on Sunday" national newspaper has a great fashion photoshoot feature in their "Live" men's magazine, featuring Mythic, Ellsworth and DMR bikes at Esher Shore being ridden by our trail crew

Its awesome coverage when you consider that most UK bike magazines typically hit 30,000-40,000 readers per issue, and the Mail on Sunday paper is read by 2.5 MILLION readers in the UK!

As well as the print coverage, they've put up a cool short video on their website which shows the day's photoshoot and the bikes, including the Mythic Scythe, being put through their paces in the Esher Shore bike park

We all got to keep some of the cool clothes featured in the shoot, I went home with an assortment of Carharrt and Nike 6.0 and they made a financial donation to the bike park which will help pay for the next round of construction work


Rob C