Saturday, June 21, 2008

World Championship results

With the seeding [qualifying] finished it was now only down to the finals

Markolf [Brazil] after crashing in his seeding run and placing 54th came back with a clean run during the finals placing 30th over all.
Marcelo [Colombia] seeded in at 11th in the Juniors and lost a spot in the finals to end up 12th.

Big congrats from all the 22Pride to our racers representing their countries and doing us all proud.
For us this is a Banshee first and it was exciting to cheer our racers on if only infront of a webcast. We are excited to see what the Legend will be cabale of when it has been refined and improved.
Hopefully we'll have some pics soon.


Aaron said...

The UCI site says Markolf placed 30th, still a great result! Well done to him and Marcelo! I heard it was an incredible race to watch, and a seriously tough course. Wish I could have been there!

9er said...

What a great finish for the conditions. We heard it was pretty gnar over there. CONGRATS!!!