Monday, June 9, 2008


I get alot of kids emailing me asking for pictures of my Wildcard, so to stop the flood of emails, here ya go!!


Rob C


Sneeck said...

Yo Rob, nice rig. Can you tell me how the Domain ride's besides the lyric 2 step? I've also got a 2step in my Wildcard but can't get the sucker to be stiff enough for my licking's for dirt and am considering something else.

Thank's! said...

That really is a nice looking little rig :)

rob c said...

the Domain 318 feels like an old Marzocchi in that its stiff under braking or nose in landings, feels burly, a little more weight and maybe the Motion Control damper is not as sophisicated as the Mission Control damper on the Lyric / Totem but its going to run and run without issues (I know guys who've had Domains since the fork came out, never even serviced...)

as the Wildcard doesn't have a fancy multi-linkage, virtual pivot suspension and i'm running a DHX Air which feels more "numb" than the DHX Coil, the more simple damper on the Domain probably suits the bike better ;)

I've done some fast runs and drops on the new fork and the damper certainly feels damn good, its not choking or packing at all...

the Lyric was a wicked fork, but in hindsight i would not use one again for freeride and dirt jumping - it had a noticeable "twang" under heavy braking, drops and braking bumps,

i found the huge step between the 115mm and 160mm settings to be too much - 115mm and 130mm would have been more useful (Like the Fox 36 Talas with its 100/130/160)

and strength issues with the crown and steerer have shown the Rockshox were right to class it as "all mountain" - meaning its really at home on the Rune and not the Wildcard

for Wildcard - Totem or 66 for freeriding, and Domain 318 U-Turn for slopestyle

rob c said...

the other issue with the Lyric was getting the air spring firm enough on the 115mm setting it blew through the travel real easy even when raising air pressure?

with the Domain 318 coil u-turn, i thought i might have to go to firm spring but have found the medium perfect as the added progression (pre load) as you wind the fork down makes it really firm up and feel more like an Argyle

Sick Lines said...

Solution: Tell Jay to stop emailing you every day about it!

rob c said...

ha ha

not spoken to Keith and Jay in a while...they've been busy in TW wrestling things into shape ;)

Sneeck said...

You've got me convinced, got a good deal on a 318 u-turn domain which should be on the way tomorrow.

Do you feel any off-balance in the frame during flight cause of the heavier fork?(compared to lyric) Like nose heavy and harder to do x-up's and stuff.

rob c said...

I would say the bike flies better on the DJs as it feels more balance against the heavier rear wheel (rear wheel always heavier than front wheel)

bike feels more stable because there is less dive in the fork, going off the lip - the fork behaves better so you can pump the transitions with more energy

you're gonna love the Domain ;)

have fun!


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