Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rehab Part 2

Watching TV, reading books, surfing the net, answer emails and browsing Decline magazines will only starve off insanity for so long. I tried fishing from the end of the dock a couple of days this week. The view is amazing but fishing from the end of a dock is not too much fun. I caught a couple of bass and then decided to work on my long cast. Basically I see how far I can cast my hook away from the dock with no real intention to reel in the big fish. Every once and a while I still manage to get a bite and then reel in the monster bass.



I then came up with the answer to my problems, it started out with a question: “What is more fun than guns?” Sure biking, working out, cliff jumping and fornicating are a lot more fun. But with a broken back I can only manage one of these things. So I went to search for the family pellet guns. My mom was totally against this, but after asking her a single question I had narrowed the location of the guns down to two locations. I found the guns, the only problem was the bag will the assortment of bullets in it was too heavy for me to lift. Damn broken back foiled me again. My dad got home and actually was into the pellet gun shoot off idea so we set up a range in the garden.


We started out with cans but got bored of that pretty quick. We are not shooting at playing cards nailed to a big sheet of plywood. Tomorrow I plan on finding something smaller and finding something more powerful than my pellet gun.


Adult supervision is required when handling a fire arm. If you are not an adult make sure a responsible adult is present while shooting. Since my father and I do not qualify as responsible my mom was there to make sure we did not start hunting each other.


And if you are injured do what ever you can to have fun and stay sane.

Note: no fish were harmed today, if I manage to catch bigger ones tomorrow we will eat them, they are delicious.

Keep Riding.

Rob Dunnet