Monday, August 30, 2010

Esher X

Esher Shore Bike Park had a great send-off today, with over 40 riders sessioning the park on its final day of operations

Of course we were never going to let the site lie dormant, 3.5 acres of woodland only 20 minutes from London is like gold dust, and well..I want somewhere cool to ride my Mythic Rampant!!!

We just need to create a brand new facility to suit the change in riding trends

Its early days, and a concept, or idea if you the moment

But we are working hard behind the scenes to bring this idea into concrete reality - a massive 4X and dual slalom complex with pro lines featuring big jumps and stunts, and of course the legendary Esher Pump Track which is already being rebuilt with new lines to double its size

Not giving a timescale, because this is a massive undertaking involving 1000s of tonnes of dirt and heavy plant (JCB's) and lots of manpower, but we are moving forward with "Esher X"

more info here: