Monday, August 30, 2010

29er Full Suspension Sneak Peek...

Here are some sneak peeks as to what the future Banshee full suspension 29er is potentially going to look like. The as yet un-named bike (well it was named, but the name was then used by another manufacturer), will be a 130mm travel 29er designed for the new generation 29er rider. Gone are the super steep angles and awkward geometry, in comes a slacker more flickable and confidence inspiring geometry combined with a brand new highly efficient full suspension platform, optimised for 29er gearing ratios, running on fully sealed bearing and grade 5 titanium axles. The geometry is adjustable and dropouts are interchangeable between 135x10 and 150x12 options, plus it will be 30.9mm seat tube and there will be cable guides for remote, and a full 1.5" head tube. There will be ample tire clearance for 29x2.5" tires and it can cope with up to 160mm forks (once readily avaliable) although is really focused on 120-140mm forks.

So I'm about to head off to Euro Bike in Germany, but had promised to post up some info before I went... don't worry there will be a lot more (further images from other angles, geometry, tech info etc... oh and yes there will be a hanger!) to follow in the next month. This is just a sneak peek to satisfy some curiosities out there, and to get some early feedback on the overall design before geometry and details are put out there for feedback.

Lower / Slacker Setting:

Higher / Steeper Setting:

If you are a 29er fan, then please let me know what you think at this early stage. I'm always interested to hear feedback and opinions.