Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ace in Whistler

Hey dudes,

I haven't posted for a bit been, I have pretty busy having way to much fun riding and a little less fun working. This summer has been all time forsure so far, so many new friends and alot of good times. Jack Fogelquist and Iggy Strbac have been staying at my place quite a bit along with a bunch of other homies, their both super rad dudes, maybe the fact that their both on ballin Banshees has something to do with it... I also met Keith when he stopped in at work the other day, Such a sick guy. Been shredding so much getting ready for crankworx and looking for some good results, I know Iggy and Jack are too! Heres a few go pro clips from my favourite trail combo. Upper a-line-pizza cat-crack addict-heart of darkness.

Upper A-line, Ace Hayden from AceHayden on Vimeo.

Untitled from AceHayden on Vimeo.

Recently was at Nationals in Panorama and placed 4th there so thats pretty chill, like top twenty junior in Canada or something like that. Ill post some more soon when I get some newer photos and results!

Ace Hayden