Sunday, August 15, 2010

Go Pro Footage of Mike's 2nd Place Run from Crankworx

What a machine this guy is! Mike I'm in awe! More people were talking about you around the village than anyone else, because you rode the whole event on an amp (hardtail!). Huge props dude!

Hi Five!

Keith Scott

EDIT: Rob here: Poaching Keith's post to add this ...

"Today was a very eventful day for the banshee team. I watched the 2 guys I had full faith in, absolutely destroy the Crank works course.
Jack made it to finals, which is amazing since he was one of the youngest guys out there. He was tail whipping out of the pink dish like a boss! His flips on the first drop were sick aswell.
Mike absolutely blew my mind. He stepped up his game so much this comp and his tricks payed off! He was the second one to tailwhip the massive drop, and with a perfect flip whip and flair on the quarter, his run was perfect! He made it into the super finals with that run and ended up crashing on his final run. But no worries because his previous run was good enough to get him his first podium at CrankWorx!
Mike placed 2nd behind Zink, and it was a great show!

-Paul Genovese"