Saturday, August 14, 2010

MIKE MONTGOMERY 2ND at Crankworx!!!

Just woke up and saw the above on Pinkbike

I'm so happy for Mike... he's been busting his ass all year and really deserves this. I know I can speak for all of Banshee in our congratulations and while the win is super awesome, even if it didn't come we would still be proud of him regardless, he's got nothing to prove to us as he's a classy guy and we're stoked he's riding our bikes.
Also big thanks to Jack, Alan and the rest of our riders this year... you know who you are.
I'll be celebrating in Taiwan... wish I could have been there to see it all go down, but i'm sure Keith gave you a big Man hug when he saw you after the comp!

Also congrats to Cam for the win, and Casey and Sam for stepping up for Canada!! I'm sure the hometeam crowd was loving it.

Healing vibes from the Banshee crew to all the riders that got hurt. This is the one thing that sucks about our sport.
Big props to Berrecloth for continuing to stay on top of his game year after year and still continuing to compete at such a high level... He does all the BC riders proud.

Again Massive congratulations to Mike for his 2nd place finish!