Thursday, May 22, 2008

Nato [Nathan Kemila] in Kelowna

So I have now had the chance to take my Wildcard to different trails to see how it performs. Went for a rip up Powers Creek on Saturday with a couple of buds. We rode Builders and had a blast ripping down the fast flowy bits, popping off every little root and rock as natural lips. That trail is tight in spots and the quicker angles and light weight are a treat.

Sunday i rode at Gillard with a nice 4 pack of shredders. Lots of groups
from out of town here enjoying the trails and beautiful weather. Did a couple of laps of Kerplop which has seen lots of forced changes after the wind storm last year knocked down hundreds of trees of that trail alone. The local trail builders have been hard at work getting everything as good as it was and better. A few stunts are still no goes but ther are some nice new features that are a blast. Right near the bottom there is a sweet step up to table to step down that i got a nice manny on, so fun.

On lap one we hit up RubHerDown after Kerplop then on to Boss Hog. Rubber down is mint. Nice little drop into a super cool double next to a big tree that you can tire tap or foot plant off as you jump past. Great trail but you gotta stay on the brakes or you over shoot big time.

Boss Hog is sick as usual, a bit of wind damage on some minor stuff but all the big fun lines are ready to rock. Our group caught up to another at the Boss Hog step-up.

After little jump sesh there we headed down to the base. On lap 2 we hit Kerplop up to Hucking Grass Hole, the burliest trail up Gillard for big stunts. The trail is a little bit of a push up but so worth it. We get to the top and my head is a little swimy from just having cereal for breakfast and riding thru lunch. After a few in runs at the big step up table sender drop i decided to wait till next time when i had some more energy, time, and my bigboy pants on.

The rest of Hucking was super cool with the big dubs into the elevated ladder bridge hip wall thing, and the hang time off the booter at the end. Got a call from my wife and said see ya to the boys and raced down lower Boss while they hit up Dirty.

After taking my Wildcard down a wide range of terrain i am very confident that this will be a great year. What ever the trail throws up, i know my bike can take it.
Big thanks to Banshee for the awesome frame, Straitline for all the sick parts to hang off it, Spectrum Techware for clothes, and Outbound Cycle for anything else I need. Thanks for reading, Nato.