Thursday, May 22, 2008

Marcelo's Legend

Marcelo's bike:
With numerous first place finishes under his belt Marcelo should be off to the worlds next month and hopefully he'll do pretty well.
Thanks to his dad and mechanic Hernando we've really been able to dial in the prototype and all future Legend riders will benefit from his hard work.

Currently at 17.4kg / 38.28lbs its not as light as the Socom [yet] but the next 2 protos that we're working on right now and should have completed in the next week will see a reduction. further significant weightWe've shaved material from the lower link, it will come sans paint and further machining inside the "canoe" will really drop it down more.

We found out that giving a bike to a rider the day he needs to raceAfter the first race where Marcelo won the Pan American championship isn't always the best thing to do. Its actually amazing he won as the spring rate was way to strong so he was barely using up any of the travel. The brakes weren't dialled and neither was the suspension so basically when the frame got back into the shop it was completely torn down and even every pivot was removed. In fact even now Hernando is pulling the bike completely apart, what seems like every week and checking over ever detail of the bike.
Soon we'll have another 2 produced as there were alot of changes that were made and then after that we'll start on the 50.
It has been longer then expected to get this bike off the ground and trust me I've been under a tremendous amount of pressure to push this into the market but I've always said and will keep saying that it will take as much time as it needs so that we do it right and that it is one of the fastest DH race bikes.