Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Toms Viento

Tom just sent a pic of his new ride. We don't get near enough pics of Pyre, and Viento riders so I'm happy to throw this one up.
Congrats Tom and I hope she treats you well.

Jay and all at Freeborn,
Got the frame on Friday after a bit of a mission across the country, got it built by the small hours of Saturday morning, and gave her a first ride on Saturday, all I can say is. Nice!
Long time waiting but worth it!
Spec is:
2007 ‘zocchi XC SL700’s 80-120mm

AM Havoc Wheelset
08 Avid Juicy 7’s with 185 front rotor
Raceface Atlas AM Cranks & rings
’08 XT Mechs, shifters and Cassette (incl. the pimp shadow mech)

Attached is a picture for you, I think it looks real good, need to shorten the rear brake hose but I can’t see the point in doing that til I next need to bleed it.