Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Brasilian DH & 4X race action

Jason at Sick lines found this video of the Brasilian championships from a couple of weeks ago and sent me the link. Keep an eye out for some riders on Scythes (taking top 10 spots) and also Markolf on his Legend who takes home the gold in over 18seconds!!!!

DH Video

Also click on the link to the 4X video to see banshee take 1st and 3rd. Would have been 1 and 2, but you'll see that they kinda collide with each other a bit in the second last turn of the final. Still a great weekend for Banshee in Brasil.

4X Video

Well done to all our racers down there, I hope this is a taste of whats to come for the rest of the season! Markolf who got his second gold of the weekend said that the banshee Rampant was the best 4X bike that he has ever ridden.

See results here