Monday, May 5, 2008

Trail building and riding in Russia

Hello Jay )

We've got some new photos from these trails, as well as mine and a photo of a guy who started all this trailbuilding last summer.

It is located approx. 40 km NW of Moscow, Russia. It's a tendency now that moutainbikers are pushed out of city parks, trailbuilding is illegal, and it's better to start developing nearest forests, cause it's even harder to find us there and there is no restrictions on chainsaw usage etc. This trail called SouthPark (i dunno why) was built during 2007 season by a local team of two or three guys. Now we are going to build two or three technical lines and after we've got a sweet place for our next trail, with more big stuff i hope.
The guy who started all this (see pic1, George Romanov. aka GR) is a creator of several russian MTB films, he rides Yeti but i know he will be happy riding Rune ))))That's me (photo2, Mike Kamensky, aka Werewolf )))), and me riding this trail on my Chap (definitely a great bike for such riding (pic 3 and 4), and also a guy who is also involved in trailbuilding (Vadim Kazancev aka Foxfx) (pic 5 and 6).

So that's what we've got here )
It would be great to visit Northshore to have a look on local trails and to ride there.... )))))))))