Monday, April 28, 2008

Down Under Up Date...

'Hello banshee world!

We had a new photographer out taking some happy snappies of our trail sesh. Cheers Simon Williamson for coming out. we got some cool footage at the moment and alan is in the process of making another short film. Before Alan releases that i thought i would drop a few photos to show what the lads down under have been up to.

As per usual Hackham has been under construction by leading shovel man Alan hepburn putting in countless hours giving the jumps a face lift while the rest of the crew have been testing the structual support of the shovel.

A few riders the right weather and some business tricks made for a good day last sunday. basically we had flips and flip combos, tailwhips, supermans and crazy leg extension tricks. Arms and feet flapping about in all directions. Alan Hepburn testing the waters of flipwhips and Chris Soininen testing the prototype Banshee Amp hardtail. The small size and light weight of the bike allowed for easy spin tricks with double tailwhips coming out of the bag.

A lot of fun and not to much damage was done except a few bruses and a couple small cracks in ribs. didnt stop Alan thou, can of tough n up and he was up for some more trail action.

Thats it for now guys, catch ya later,

Aussie Crew'