Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Banshee's new bearings

This is my friend Jay. He told me not to post up this picture, so of course like a good buddy....

Anyway check out the size o those bearings WOW. I don't know what they're for but Jay is a materials engineer and works for a company that does testing on all sorts of stuff - we've used him a few times - so its probably something that he has to start working on.

He's also is the guy that I used to ride Whistler with until he had his new son, but hopefully I can get him up a few times for a rip. He currently rides a Wraith, bought my custom painted Chaparral off me and his 08 Pyre should arrive pretty soon.

Hey Jay if your reading this... "look at me!, I'm standing in a giant bearing!!" hahahaha!!!!