Friday, April 4, 2008

First Legend race

I just spoke to Marcelos father and the news came back that both Markolf and Marcelo [jr. class] won the DH Pan American Championship.
So congradulations guys from everyone here at Banshee!!!

Not only are we super excited for the guys but we are pretty happy that the first competition the Legends were ever in they took home the gold... not once but twice and also in a major competition that saw racers come from as far away as Canada.
I have to admit we were pretty nervous that we may not have had a world class race bike... you never know when you build something that it will hit the mark but I guess we've got a good start, and after we spend the time with all our next batch of Legend riders we'll have it totally dialed.

Pictures and video will follow as Gabriel from Session Brazil was there to support them and when I talked to him on thursday he had gotten alot of pics so you'll see them here soon

March 24th
I dropped Gabriel from Brazil off at the airport today. His precious cargo is Marcelo Guiterrez's and Markolf Berchtold's Legend Mk1's.

It was a marathon session getting these things together and making sure everything was there for their long travel back.
The Legend will debut under both the Latin American DH Champion [Marcelo] and the Brazilian DH Champion [Markolf]. Both will be racing at the Pan American Championship in Venezula on April 2nd and unfortunately they'll have enough time on both bikes to do a couple training runs before the races.
We'll definitely let you know how they perform.

We also have an official weight without shock... if you wanna calculate it with shock go to your favorite shock company and find out what the weight is and add it to 8.73. Like I had mentioned before, this is just a proto and there a spots that were missed in machining so expect the weight to come down for sure.