Saturday, April 26, 2008

Woburn Sands

My good buddy John "Jesus" Holmes and I took our Wildcards on the train to Woburn Sands in Milton Keynes today, here in England (Woburn is about 45 miles North of London)

Woburn is a very cool forest site managed by a trust, that is bike friendly and has a freeride area set aside - above an equally cool dirt jump area

Woburn is predominantly sand based terrain with slabs of ore, and the riders have carved out numerous fast, bermed downhill trails, gap jumps and drops all over...

"Hey, its hot here in England for once!"

Sessioning the rebuilt bombhole step-up jump

John's Wildcard with new Lyric Coil U-Turn forks = dialled

Here is a picture sent to me from a guy called Andy Wetherell who was down at Woburn Sands shooting some photos - huge thanks for the photo Andy

This is the Woburn road gap, which then leads down into a big bombhole with a 25 foot drop into a 15 foot step-up jump that John and I spent most of the afternoon sessioning and trying out some tricks on

Who says you can't teach old dogs new tricks, eh?

X-ups, tuck no-handers, whips, no footers and lookback one handers were all flowing off the step-up today...a hella lot of fun, and a chance to give the Wildcards some proper airtime


Rob C