Monday, April 7, 2008

Bochnia Salt Mine Downhill

Hallo ! (first sorry for my English) I have Just back from Bochnia Salt Mine Downhill ,third ever dh in Mine ( over 300 meters under the ground level). Event was 3 days long but i couldn't make it on friday and saturday only on sunday.
Track was extremly xc almost up hill. And i havent seen course before my racing run was my first run on that course.
I cant still breathe 100 % becasue of oedema and i have problems with sprints but i wasn't there for racing.
It was great event , huge media cover , i did few interviews ( they were astonished that i'm riding heheh)
But I must tell You that bike racing isn't something for me i'm MOOOOORE into freeriding.
Thanks for SPY optics for paying me for high enter payment.
ps Photo Credits Sylwia