Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Is Banshee turning into weight weenies?

Nick from Freebike sent me this link to pics of some of the bikes built up. I'm particularily fond of the black and gold Pyre. Not for everyone of course but is that gold braided cable housing or the light? If so I think it really works on this bike.
  • Banshee Pyre: 12.8 kg - 28.1 lbs
  • Banshee Rune: 14,9 kg - 32.7 lbs
  • Banshee Wildcard: 15.87 kg - 34.9 lbs
Very respectable weights and right on target where they should be.
Check out the rest of the pictures here http://www.free-bike.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=67
and thanks to Nick for posting up the thread

UPDATE: Nick mentioned in the comments that they had more pics of the Scythe... and yeah its built up and looks great. Hit the link and scroll to near the bottom.

The weight is 18kg or 39.6lbs which is respectable for an extreme freeride bike with 7" or 8"of travel. I'm not sure which kit they have on it... it looks like our journeyman package so the ultimate one would be lighter slightly. I hope Nick takes more pics of the drivesides of these bikes too.