Friday, January 11, 2008

Wildcards on Deck

I know most of you have seen this bike many times on this blog, but do you ever get tired of seeing it? The new color that hasn't been seen before is the Mango... definitely a love/hate color. Some will hate it, but some couldn't see themselves riding anything but.

On another note: I want to thank everyone again for their comments and suggestions for helping to make our gear. We're looking already to 2010 and it'd be great to hear some ideas or directions you would take us in the future.
2009 will see the Legend Mk1 and the Amp as additions to the line and thats pretty much it as we will just let things calm down a bit as its been a crazy year getting all the new stuff done.
2010 however I'm starting to investigate a few new technologies and materials for a new bike full on XC race bike. We'll see how that goes but like everything we do you know it will be cool and of the highest quality and performance. Now I'll shut up and let you look at pictures.