Thursday, January 3, 2008

Mythic production frames arrive

Well they've been a long time coming, and then the foggy weather caused havoc at the airports over the Christmas vacation, causing our frame shipment and several thousand people to sit around on their backsides....

...but the wait has been well worth it, and customers with their new frame are happy customers!

So its all good...and i got to say here at Freeborn we are really stoked on the new Mythic production frames - we got the Wildcards, Sciroccos, Scythes, Runes, Morphines and Keith's prototype AMP frame - by the way Keith I'm keeping it! ha ha

the frame that has surprised me most in the best possible way is the new Scythe - the early prototype photos of the large sized Scythe looked very "workhorse", but the production frame is damn sexy and I'm now sorting out some sort of "test bike" so I can have a Scythe to ride as well as my me greedy!

its probably gonna get built up with a Totem fork and some decent freeride kit, and we'll see what kind of publicity we can generate to get the freeride world turned on to the Scythe

We've got Rampants coming on the next shipment, and some more Wildcards which is great because the Wildcard is already sold out in the medum size, just days after the shipment landed

Keith came over to Freeborn Esher yesterday to look at his AMP, and we put together a cool build package which will be mostly DMR dirt jump parts including their EX-Type cromoly cranks and Pro wheels with 12T cassette hub, a Rockshox Argyle 318 fork and Avid Juicy 5 disc brakes

We also discussed the AMP in some detail, and Marshall and I showed Keith the "mid-size" press-fit bottom bracket standard used in BMX, and discussed the DJ scene here in the UK and how the AMP could fit in...

Mythic has finally landed for 08 in the UK, and with the Wildcard test due soon in MBUK its all starting to move forward

cheers, and happy new year!

Rob C