Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Racing on a Scythe...

Here are a couple of pics and comments about one of our racers down in Australia (Dave Hetherington, placed 10th in fort bill in junior worlds last year)

Thanks to Ken at XXIV for photos.Weighs in at 17.5kg (38.6lbs) as built with DH tubes. He plans to drop a bit of weight from the build before racing this weekend. The frame is a size medium, and in the photos it is set up in 8" DH travel setting. the BB drops and the angles slacken when switched to 7" setting.

Some comments from Dave on his impressions after his first day on the bike.

'Banshee Scythe

The first things that are initially noticeable are the excellent pedaling efficiency, due to the light weight and great chainline of the bike. Also the comfortable cockpit and ride position.

The handling, while set in the 7 inch downhill setting, is ideal for tight, technical and “pedally” downhill courses. The head angle makes the bike precise in changing direction quickly and also railing tight turns carrying good speed. Although not being too steep to feel uncomfortable at high speed. The bottom bracket height, not being too low, adds to the enjoyment of the ride making it super easy to clear gaps and get air born over the harsh lines in the rock garden. At the same time giving that little bit extra chain ring clearance in the harder technical sections.

The linkage manages to soak up all the chatter bumps as well as the big hits on the downhill course producing a smooth ride on all kinds of rough terrain. The light weight of the bike adds to the agility and is great for throwing into the turns, getting that tricky line through the rock garden and flicking it where ever you want.

First impressions of the Scythe are all positive. It’s easy to set up, easy to control, is accurate and is ideal as a light downhill sled. 5 stars!'

Dave is just waiting for his legend to get a proper DH race bike, but he seems more than happy to be on the scythe til then, even if it is an extreme freeride bike.

Here are a couple of videos sent to me by Matej Charvat from the Czech republic. I'll let his riding do the talking!