Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wideopen articles about Brayton and Deacon

If you head over to http://wideopenmag.co.uk/ you'll find some good banshee / Mythic media.

In this free web magazine which is full of great content you'll find an article on p44 about a weekend with Adam Brayton:

Also check Page 21 for Aaron Newmann ripping it up on his MkI test bike.

Here are some great photos and a Q&A sesh with Tom Deacon:



Aaron said...

There's also a rad shot of me on my Legend on page 21, not too mention a big article on the Squadron, a team I formed 2 years ago!

Keith Scott said...

Hahhaa, damn, how did I not spot that?? Thats the same image as I still have as my desktop background! good work Aaron! USA better know how lucky they are to get you back!