Sunday, October 10, 2010

24 hours of Paradox

Photos and words supplied by Kurt Morrison:

Here are some images from the 2010 24 Hours of Adrenaline in Canmore, Alberta, Canada. This was my fourth time doing the race, but this time we were a team of 5. In the past it's been 7 or 8 people on the team. There was a big difference this year with less people on a team. You get more laps, and less rest time = more fun!

This event marks the 1 year anniversary of my Paradox's birth. A year ago, the night before the race I built her up. Since then the only changes are: 180 mm cranks, tires and bar/stem. I swapped to the 180 mm to help get more leg extension and power.

A rider with longer legs has less angular rotation at the hips/knee than than an averaged sized rider with the same given crank length. It helps me chase the elite XC racers on some training rides. I do notice that the increased length does lower my pedals a bit in tech sections which is a bit of a drawback. But, with enough premeditation I can still pull off the tech sections on trails around here.
Most of those photos were taken by sportograf, but we purchased them and their usage rights agreement allows them to be posted on blogs, etc, by the purchaser. "0100" and "0102" were by Sean Birch, and he previously gave permission to post his stuff. A link to his flickr account:

I took "3761", proof that Santa rides a litespeed in his off season.


muddytrail said...

How do you find the Paradox on long races? Thought it might be a tad harsh? (interested as I should get my frame today!)

Kurt said...

Hey muddytrail,

The longest race laps I've done on the Paradox were about an hour long. I have however, gone on 3 to 3.5 hr hard paced XC rides with some competitive racer-types. The bike is still a hardtail, but I found it to be significantly less harsh than my old 26'er Scirocco. The big wheels help roll over the rough stuff and take the edge off. I think the arced seat-stays add some suppleness too. I can't say which has a greater effect, the wheel size or the curved stays, but together they do a good job. I think you'll really like your frame!

What fork are you going to be using?

muddytrail said...

Thanks for that. Got some new Reba RLT Ti Dual Air coming (same as 09/10 Team maxle I think).

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