Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Legend

Ok well I've started to build my bike up...
I haven't got all the parts that i truly want to make my dream bike as they're not available yet.
Such as...
Manitou Dorado, the Cook bros Opium wheelsets and the Double Barrel is still on its way, but...
I still want to ride the the thing and I'm happy with the Alex wheels and Boxxer fork... Basically I want the final build to be around 10K MSRP and under 36lbs but still be a full on DH race spec'd bike.
Jason from Sicklines as well is challenging me as his builds gonna be pretty sweet too.

Final parts will be Formula Ones, Gamut P40, WTB Dissents, WTB silvarado saddle, and haven't decided on drivetrain yet.

The pics are to show you what the final red will look like


Anonymous said...

That is one nice looking bike !!! I'll bet you will get a few comments suggesting that you change the bars and stem from anything but white! Why introduce a 4th colour element when it does not balance with the bike. My suggestion, go simple black.

Jay/Keith, it would be nice if you could post the changes you have made from the original Legend proto version 1, then the late 08 summer v2, and now the v3.

I love the colour schemes that you have picked, but please still offer the full raw version, that looked sick!

Keith Scott said...

Ok quick list of some of the changes...

Between proto 1 and 2:

The shock basement changed as there was an issue with clearance with a coupleof shock options. The basement also lost about 50g in weight as well as aesthetics.

The seat tube angle and possition was altered to give a little more saddle clearance for the rear wheel when bottoming out if the saddle was low.

The geometry was tweaked a bit.

The bottom link was refined and made lighter.

Top link was made lighter and integrated cable guides added.

The material of the main axle changed.

There were also a number of other tweaks made to improve overall ease of maintenance and preformance.

Between proto 2 and pre-production:

Major geometry changes (it just wasn't as I wanted it to be)

The pivots were changed again with the addition of a key system.

The bottom link was further refined to loose more weight and increase shock bolt clearance, and improve aesthetics.

Changes were made to both the chainstay and seatstay yokes to cut weight and imporve preformance.

Those are the more major changes, but there have been plenty of other small tweaks too.

Anonymous said...

Hey Keith do you already know which colors we can expect once the frame will be ready to buy for everyone?

I think this deep glossy red is WAY better than the first red from the older pics.
Will you also produce a blue Legend with a similar deep candy colorstyle?

Or maybe a Legend frame with polished rear part and a color-anodized frontpart??
I think that would be more than sick looking as seen on some current GIANT frames!!

Keith Scott said...

The first red was a one off for the aussies. They are part of a kind of team so we kept it different for them so that the bikes stood out.

As it stands colour is low in my priorities... function comes first, we can sort colours out later. But don't worry, we have a few ideas and are planning to play around with some options to release some killer looking frames!

Anonymous said...

Keith, thanks for the list of keeps me motivated to see improvement/refinement being made before the production models are released.

Devon Balet said...

oh so purty!

Sick Lines said...

oh no you didn't! :)

Sick Lines said...

This ought to wet your appetite, a lil Amp :)

Sick Lines said...

This ought to wet your appetite

See a sick little Amp here :D

Jay MacNeil said...

OMG that is a super sick Amp...
YOu should return it to Banshee now that you're done with it. hehehe